one purpose, one beat, one world

one purpose, one beat, one world

A new platform to express your solidarity and contribute to charities around the world through the power of music

Only 3 steps

Download & install


Choose One Beat Project from the list

Access One Beat Project from the list of events in the App.

See the details about upcoming live concert.

Vote and participate

Vote for the songs you like to hear during the concert.
Every vote is converted into a little donation for charities!
Enjoy free radio while making your votes and waiting for the next concert.

Music has been, is and always will be a universal language, uniting millions of people across the world and helping them vibrate with the same tunes beyond borders and regardless of language, race or religion.

We created One Beat Project to connect artists and their audience around the world, so people can listen to music and participate in charities at the same time.

Every vote you make through our application contributes to a number of charity funds. Simply vote, listen to the songs you like, connect with your favourite artist and all this will be converted to the real donations for those in need. 

Let the music help!

Why people will love it?

  • Easy connect to any event or live concert around the world
  • New experience by interacting with the playlist and other listeners
  • People can choose what to listen before the concert
  • People unite together and feel their contribution for good

World sounds much better with you